Strata Building Cleaning Services In Vancouver And The Lower Mainland

If you are managing a strata building property, you must know that, like any other residential and commercial buildings, strata properties also require periodic cleaning and maintenance services. Although tenants clean their apartments, but a whole lots of cleaning service is always required for lobby cleaning, gym cleaning, elevator cleaning, washroom cleaning, amenity room cleaning and carpet Cleaning for a pleasant experience.

If your strata complex is in a horrible state and needs quick, thorough, and affordable cleaning services, hire Transparent Cleaning, a top Cleaning service provider in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Delta, Surrey, Langley and Abbotsford.

Our Strata Building Cleaning Services

Transparent Cleaning is a full-service cleaning firm offering strata-building cleaning services in significant areas of The Lower Mainland. We provide a complete range of cleaning services to all strata buildings, commercial and office buildings in your locality. Apart from common area cleanliness, we also handle Strata Building Caretaking. Our strata building cleaning services are the following;

  • Hallways and lobby cleaning
  • Cleaning of bathrooms, toilets, gyms, and shared amenity room
  • Cleaning and sanitization of office and other building furniture
  • Carpet, staircase handrails, door cleaning
  • Car parking cleaning and sweeping service
  • Building exterior garbage picking service
  • Garbage room cleaning

Why Does Any Strata Property Need Cleaning Services?

There are various reasons why strata owners should think about cleaning these buildings on time and regularly. If you know the importance of full-service strata sanitation for shared property space, call us now and watch how our qualified cleaners will reach heights you cannot even imagine. The benefits of strata building cleaning are the following;

Cleaning all the common places that are shared among tenants, residents, and visitors will reduce the spread of diseases.

  • Exterior cleaning will enhance the strata’s beauty, value, and life span.
  • Regular Cleaning and Maintenance will minimize the cost of frequent repairs.
  • The strata building will look fresh and elegant if regularly cleaned.
  • Moss, mildew and dust removal will give positive, pleasant smell and vibes.
  • No unwanted complications like unpleasant odor, sloppiness, blackening, and rotting.

Trusted Strata Building Cleaning Services In British Columbia, Canada

Transparent Cleaning has earned quite a name among competitors with unsurpassed excellence and state-of-the-art cleaning expertise. The only reason for such repute is our loyal clientele, affordable Cleaning, commitment to delivering promised results, and timely finishing.

Genuine Service: We rely on proven methods and biodegradable and effective cleaning products for strata cleaning. All our cleaning liquids and natural products are eco-friendly, safe, and organic.

Affordable Cleaners: We offer a cost-effective strata building cleaning with multiple services. We guarantee a high-quality cleanliness standards in the markets we serve. Choosing Transparent Cleaning Services would be the best decision you’ve ever made.

Friendly Behavior: One of the notable attributes of our professional staff members is their friendly nature and excellent communication skills. They are trained to provide a premium, complete and attentive cleaning service.

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