Strata Building Caretaking And Maintenance Services In The Lower Mainland And Across BC, Canada

Caretaking strata building needs an eye for detail and value for the property, except for just a janitorial service. Owners always need a service provider to look after and take responsibility for the building’s optimal functionality and operational success. These on-site administrative services are required to manage common facilities for the sake of owners in possession, residents and tenants.

If your property needs professional strata caretaking services anywhere in Vancouver and around the Lower Mainland, come to Transparent Cleaning for the most valuable maintenance support. We would be more than happy to work closely with the concierge and supervisory staff to boost any property’s efficiency and operational success. Our talented team of individuals believes in working together with everyone and taking care of everything quickly and precisely.

We provide full-time Strata Building Cleaning and Caretaking services 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Why Choose Transparent Cleaning?

Established to offer pro-active, customer-friendly, and competent strata maintenance services to owners, residents, and building administration, Transparent Cleaning is always there to help manage buildings common facilities, equipment, and site work. We are a proud company of a top tier offering unmatched upkeep services of superior quality. Whether it is about removing the dust, managing visitors sharing common areas, or preparing assessment reports, we will add value to your property.

Our caretakers will manage shared zones at the strata Complex and deal with tradespeople and all the non-resident individuals using common area part of the property for some reason. Our motto is to “Look after our customers and our people at any cost”, and we won’t mind going the extra mile to achieve this goal. Using biodegradable, natural, and eco-friendly products distinguishes us from our competitors.

Strata Caretaking Duties 

As a top-rated and accomplished strata caretaking and maintenance services company in Surrey, Langley and Burnaby, we can;

  • Manage buildings common areas. 
  • Get control over the use of the shared facility. 
  • Liaise with service providers and building workers to improve overall building services, value, and appearance. 
  • Enhance the value of your property. 
  • Clean and repair buildings anytime. 
  • Give feedback on defects and items, building inspection reports. 
  • Manage tradespeople efficiently. 
  • Communicate with residents and tenants to answer their queries. 

Let Us Release The Stress Of Strata Caretaking 

We can work as your trustworthy and reliable caretaker for any strata complex covered by your strata title. We will oversee common areas, communicate with tradespeople, tenants, and all the visitors, do regular cleaning, upkeep the property and perform other general matters.

We will give you a custom tailored quote and unparalleled Strata Caretaking Services.

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