Floor Burnishing

If your floors are dusty and possess an ugly look, Burnishing is the best option to reveal the ultra-shiny look of the surface. It maintains the floor’s beauty, quality, looks, and feel to create a deluxe environment at your commercial and residential properties. This cleaning practice is reliable, removes nicks and scratches efficiently, and leaves a smooth and shining surface.

Burnishing Vs. Buffing

People often confuse these two terms and think there is no difference, but this is not true. Buffing means removing scratches and surface sanitization with suitable buffs at moderate speed. On the contrary, Burnishing is about polishing the floor surface with high-speed burnishers to reveal the maximum shine and gloss of the tile, granite, and wood floorings. Burnishers rotate at a much faster speed to ensure the ultra-shiny appearance of the floor. Burnishing is essential after waxing; you must wait 3-4 days before performing this method.

Steps To Perform Floor Burnishing

  • We recommend you vacate the area and let us set up wet floor signs in the preparatory phase.
  • Firstly, our technicians use dust and wet mop to clean the floor.
  • Then we will select a suitable burnisher and connect it to the machine.
  • Spilling the solutions on the surface by spraying or mopping to burnish the area is the next stage.
  • We will start shining from room corners toward the middle of the site.
  • In the last section, we will use dust and wet mop on the floor to deliver spotless finishing.

Significance Of Floor Burnishing

Burnishing is a valuable cleaning practice to improve the appearance of commercial facilities and apartment surfaces. Furthermore, this practice will support easy floor management for an extended period. We rely on efficient machines that rotate burnishers at such high speed that no uneven floors will remain. Burnishing is a helpful cleaning practice to eliminate spots, scratches, and dust on the surface.

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